Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Accolade for Linette Reeman, an Impassioned Creative Writer at CHS

Linette Reeman, CHS Class of 2014, wins second place in OPPF's Young Leader's Poetry Contest for her poem "wounds".  All awardees will have the opportunity to share their poems in front of invited esteemed delegates from United Nations agencies, UN delegations and missions, development partners, members of the civil society, and other young leaders.  You can visit the contest website here.

history taught us to put 
bridles in our mouths and submit
to the cracked whip of
inequality. but we no longer
bite the bit to bleed our gums
over starving sermons; crying
children held at gunpoint
in our wombs. we are backs
aching from being bent; throats
swollen from swallowing our
precision, our pride, but now
we are also a gleaming mass of
new-born hope; we swivel our hips
to maracas and catch our tears
in the upturned corner of our smiles.

no longer do we meekly grasp
the white flag of prejudice; instead
our banner unfurls across a
cheering sky as we don our
ballet flats and suspenders; apply
our battle lipstick and hair gel,
before stitching history’s wounds

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