Friday, December 20, 2013

CHS Radio Club - The Film Strip for 12-20-13

CHS's own movie review radio show gathers to discuss the new Hobbit movie "Desolation of Smaug"...check it out!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013


Hi Everyone, You are all invited to join the WCHS Radio Club as we broadcast "THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS" as read by Boris Karloff (Frankenstein, The Mummy, Fu Manchu, etc.). We will play this feature in its entirety on WEDNESDAY Dec. 18th beginning at 10:45 am!! If you are able, please come down to the WCHS studios in room 148 at Communications High School. We'll have food, and beverage, and a fun time for all. What's that? You can't make it to room 148? No worries! You can always tune in to WCHS through your classroom TV sets...put on Channel 63 and join in the listening party! But AREN'T at CHS you say? Still NO PROBLEM! WCHS is available any-time, anywhere, on-line! You can listen live using any computer, snart phone, iPad, or other handheld device (as long as it has Quicktime Player installed!). That's right if you want to listen to "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" with us all you have to do is point your browser here: Viola!! Crystal Clear streaming audio in blazing 128kbs!!!!!!!! Once again, that's "The Grinch who Stole Christmas" streaming at 10:45am on Wednesday Dec. 18th!! BONUS: WCHS will also feature Holiday Music ALL WEEK LONG! We've hand picked a fine selection of Christmas and Hanukkha songs, both new and old, and will be playing those all week between Mon. Dec 16th and Friday Dec., we'll keep that playlist streaming all over winter break. So, if you have a fever for some Christmastime flavors just tune in on Channel 63 or online at

Monday, December 9, 2013

Poemas sobre la naturaleza

The assignment:  Students in my IB Spanish class at Biotech were told to write an original poem about the beauty of nature.  The only requirement was to include 5 vocabulary words from our nature and ecology unit.   I gave them about 20 minutes in class to begin, and then they finished for homework.  I decided to join them in writing a poem, and I was very proud of mine until the students began sharing theirs, and I realized they are far better poets than I!  Still, it was a very fun experience to write alongside the students and share my work with them.

Below is my poem, and please take the time to read my four favorites from my extremely talented students, which are linked here.

La belleza de la naturaleza
por Sra. Olsen

Estoy triste porque creo que mucha gente
No se dedica a cuidar el medio ambiente.
La única manera de aliviar mi tristeza
Es escribir un poema sobre la naturaleza.

Las montañas, los árboles, los ríos, las flores,
Todos hermosos, llenos de colores.
El cielo azul, en un día soleado,
O un gris muy profundo en un día nublado

Los animales se apoyan en una red delicada,
Crean un coro de música a lo largo de la jornada.
Nosotros y ellos merecemos un brillante futuro
Con agua cristalina y aire muy puro.

Pero desgraciadamente, la situación es muy grave
Para cada planta, animal, insecto y ave.
Tú y yo podemos hacer este mundo mejor
Antes de que todo se ponga peor.

Muchos animales están en peligro de extinción.
Ésto nos debe servir como gran motivación.
Son majestuosos:  el búho, el pingüino, el oso polar,
El elefante, el leopardo, la gran tortuga del mar.

Estamos destruyendo sus árboles con la deforestación,
Llenando los ríos y su mundo con la contaminación.
Tenemos que empezar a respetar los animales -
No hacerlo es ser egoístas y crueles.

Los contaminantes en el planeta son venenosos.
Les dan a los animales problemas dolorosos.
A todas las criaturas del mundo hay que cuidar;
La naturaleza es algo que todos podemos disfrutar.